Razer Edge and the Death Laptops and PCs

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Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post.  Cheers and high fives all around.

I was reading up on the Oculus Rift last night.  Basically to get my new-gadget-nerd-fun-on, and I came across a post by gamespot that Jimmy Fallon would be showing off the Rift as well as something called a Razer Edge.

The hands on video by Shaun McInnis at Gamespot really got me thinking.

At first sight, the Edge is a neat tablet that offers PC gamers a mobile option to play their games.  It is a little thicker than most tablets, but it comes with Windows 8 and a ton of power (2GB Nvidia graphics and an Intel i7 chip).  By this point, I am starting to pay attention.  Then, Heathcliff Hatcher from Razer started showing the different ways the system could be used.

Razer showed off a hand held console adapter, a TV adapter that turned the tablet into console gaming system, and they showed a laptop keyboard accessory.


Yes that is still a tablet, and the interviewer clearly had trouble staying on task when he got to play with the laptop version.  The laptop keyboard comes with an additional battery for extended battery life and an additional USB port (the tablet has one already).  This is the game changer not only for how tablets are made, but the entire PC industry.

With this tablet, you no longer need a laptop or, if you hook up a larger monitor, even a desktop.  With this tablet having Windows 8 and more power than most desktops, you can accomplish any task you want from productivity, to e-reader  to gaming all on one device.  The one area that I don’t think it will be able to take over is console gaming, there is a lot of brand loyalty there and proprietary titles.  There is much less loyalty and no proprietary software in PCs!

The need to buy a PC or laptop because software is only usable on these larger systems is going away.  The Razer Edge will start the consumers moving to one system for everything with gamers, and developers that add productivity will bring the rest of us along for the ride.

Minecraft is a cool game. It’s like legos for the internet. There are some funny Minecraft music parodies.

A very funny parody video. My sister likes to play Minecraft. I tell her not to mine at night.


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1. Your parents schedule a playdate and the person tells their parents that they are sick or something so that they can stay home and play video games.

2. You and a friend go over to another friend’s house. He’s playing video games with the addict. You have a football and ask both guys if they want to play. The addict stays behind in somebody else’s house to keep playing videos, while you and the other two guys go outside to play football.

3. One of the kids from your class comes over to the addict’s house. You go over and say, “How about we play chess?” (or something active). The addict says no because they are about to watch TV. The other guy wants to play chess, but the addict just ignores him.

4. It will be a beautiful Saturday. You see your friend’s house lights are on. You think maybe they’d like to play football. You knock on his door, his mom opens it and says that they are having quiet, when you can see that the addict is melting his brain playing a video game.

5. Two hours is enough video game time, so if they are playing more than that, they might be an addict.

(Editor’s note from Calvin’s mom: he doesn’t know about and isn’t describing formal addictions, but thinks it worrisome for his friends that would rather play video games than play outside.)

The Need for Greed

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I bought this game, Mega Run. When I beat one of the final levels of one of the islands, the game says “Hey look at this new stage pack! We need more money, so buy it now.” If you beat all the levels, they make you pay for it. You beat the game and your reward is paying for more stuff. Same with the Megapoints. You can’t earn Megapoints you have to buy them. They buy high level powerups. It bugs me that some people make you pay for things instead of earning things.

What’s the game?

It is a game involving the meanings of Star Wars, but with birds, angry birds. The pigs don’t really steal anything but you have to kill them anyway. Let’s talk about Luke bird, Leia bird, and the bird of all birds, the Han bird. The Luke bird will take out a lightsaber, but not until the later levels. He has to earn it. The Luke bird is the basic bird until he gets his lightsaber. The Leia bird shoots out a pink force and pulls things towards her. It’s kinda a pink tractor beam. The Han bird shoots. He doesn’t always shoot first, which makes me crazy and makes my mom get mad; she says that’s just wrong. When he does shoot, he shoots three red laser bolts.

What’s the verdict?

Star Wars Angry Birds is my favorite Angry Birds. I like it because it involves the Star Wars characters. My mom got it for me because she’s a Star Wars geek. (When she finds out that my Uncle Hobbes said that Battlestar Galactica is better than Star Wars, she will disown him.) My favorite level is Hoth because it’s got really cool cut scenes and my mom will like it because the Princess Leia bird shows up then. She’s only in the cut scenes on Tatooine.

This is one of the Princess Leia Angry Bird pillows that I got my twin sisters for Christmas. I made the Millennium Falcon out of clay. It's the screaming eagle of Star Wars Angry Birds.

This is one of the Princess Leia Angry Bird pillows that I got my twin sisters for Christmas. I made the Millennium Falcon out of clay. It’s the screaming eagle of Star Wars Angry Birds.


Famous Foods Invented by Accident

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Cool. Link has 11 yummy accidents, British ones. Most people here don’t know what Eaton Mess is. It’s yummy.

Popsicles were invented by accident.

High Tech Meets Low Tech

Sign of iAddiction, when you make high tech gadgets out of clay.

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